1 - Research review papers are available on the British Acupuncture website. They cover different areas of health.
2 - Acupuncture for primary dysmenorrhoea: article available on Pubmed
3 - Antagonism of acupuncture analgesia in man by the narcotic antagonist naloxone
4 - The York acupuncture safety study: prospective survey of 34 000 treatments by traditional acupuncturists
5 - Acupuncture for idiopathic headache
6 - Is Acupuncture effective in the treatment of fibromyalgia?
7 - The results of several acupuncture trials for anxiety and depression are compared in this briefing paper by the ARRC
8 - 2013 systematic review suggests acupuncture beneficial in IVF clinics with reduced success rates

Useful Links / News

The BBC report on understanding how acupuncture helps with pain relief

The World Health Organisation evaluates the efficacy of acupuncture for many conditions

News on a recent study involving acupuncture and menopausal hot flushes

The BBC investigate the NICE recommendations for back pain

A study in Nature Neuroscience last year identified a possible mechanism for pain relief

Investigations into the role of the placebo effect in acupuncture

The Daily Express interviews people about their experience of acupuncture

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