Kate returned to Norfolk to set up her practice after eight years abroad. During her time abroad she spent nearly three years living and studying in the ashrams of northern India.  Kate then spent another year teaching English and working with a textile company in south India. There came a point when she felt she needed to harness the yogic studies of the body and mind with an external practice that was grounded and benefitted those around her.

Kate was drawn to study Traditional Chinese Medicine after receiving treatment from two separate therapists for her worsening migraines. Both therapists independently gave Kate a diagnosis that her ‘Wood’ element was imbalanced and she needed to work her’ Gall Bladder channel’. Following the prescribed treatment plan Kate underwent a massive release - since which she has suffered not a single migraine in over 10 years! It was this experience that propelled Kate to understand the theory both therapists had been applying and so she discovered Chinese medicine.

Out of all the various disciplines Kate focused on acupuncture as its range of applications are incredibly varied. Acupuncture can be used simply to address problems along the meridian – often resulting in physical pain and discomfort. Yet within the theory is a whole other dimension that accounts for both mental and emotional imbalances - a multipurpose tool which is adaptable to the individual. Alongside her degree in acupuncture she practiced Shaolin and Wisdom Qi-gong and received her diploma in Tui Na. Since every person in Chinese medicine is just a little bit different from the next, every acupuncture session is a challenge and investigation into the client’s health right at that point! For Kate this means each day is never the same – something she hugely values about her work.

In her spare time, Kate enjoys keeping fit – running, rock climbing, squash, swimming and of course plenty of yoga! She also believes in regular ‘seva’ – service to benefit those less fortunate than oneself. To this end Kate recently raised funds for equipment and volunteered in a clinic in West Bengal. She also was involved in the setting up of Norwich’s first multi bed pain clinic through a grant awarded by Unlimited funding. Her areas of interest include female related infertility and musculoskeletal complaints.

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