Acupuncture is the practice of inserting ultra fine needles into specific points located on the body’s surface. This is done with the intention of improving the flow of Qi (‘Chee’) in the complex network of meridians present in both deep and superficial aspects of the body.

The classical explanation is that channels of energy run in established patterns through the body and over its surface. Called meridians, they are likened to rivers flowing through the body to irrigate and nourish the tissues. An obstruction in one river is similar to a dam that backs up - and impedes the flow in others.

Western Medicine has hypothesised that acupuncture works in part by stimulating the autonomic nervous system as well as affecting levels of various endorphins and neurotransmitters. Together these help regulate the endocrine and nervous systems, support immunity and perception of pain – encouraging the body back into equilibrium.

A person with healthy Qi will feel energised, positively alert and radiate vitality. The flow of Qi can become disrupted through the various stresses in modern life, be it overwork, chronic illness or sudden trauma. This disruption can have a knock on effect throughout our whole system giving rise to pain, lethargy and mental sluggishness.

Your initial consultation will take 1 hr.  Depending on your condition, the use of additional therapies such as Tui Na and cupping will be discussed with you and used with your consent. You are advised to wear loose comfy clothing that does not constrict the body. Needles are left in for 20-30 minutes. Reactions vary with each individual; however most report feelings of relaxation and wellbeing during and after treatment. The projected course of treatment will be discussed – as a rule of thumb; the more chronic a condition, the more sessions you will need. However a positive effect is usually detected within 3-4 treatments.
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